Carolinas Clean Energy Business Association

The Carolinas' Voice for the Clean Energy Industry

Appointed Commissions

CCEBA advocates at the North and South Carolina Utility Commissions to support clean energy market growth. This includes lobbying for and implementing major energy statutes like Energy Solutions for North Carolina (HB 951) and South Carolina’s Energy Freedom Act (Act 62). We also engage with integrated resource planning (IRP) processes and the North Carolina Carbon Plan, as well as other key issues like interconnection, solar end-of-life practices, and energy pricing.

State Legislatures

CCEBA also participates at the North Carolina General Assembly and the South Carolina Legislature, providing data-driven information about the economic impact of clean energy businesses. It is important that state legislators understand the full implications of their choices and rely on factual sources when making decisions.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

CCEBA intervenes in FERC issues relevant to the Carolinas’ energy market.

Local Government

CCEBA works with local government to educate county commissioners and city council members on best practices for renewable energy development.

Solar Panels With Windmills
Solar Panels With Windmills